Chained Man – Mysterious man bound by chains. Appears to want to help the characters. First met in the Shrine of Laurent on Tranch.

Riken – Official Imperial Govner of Tranch. Head of the Riken noble family who were engaged in a bloody war with the Larent family until all of the Larent family were murdered by the characters. First met in the Riken family fortress on Tranch.

The Captain – Owner and captain of the chartered trade freighter “Ferris Wheel”. Slightly insane.

Larent – Head of the Larent family. He and his family were killed by the characters during the Seige of Western Tranch.

Robed Lackey – First associate of the inquisition met by the characters. Is in charge of new recruits. Is slightly frustrated.

The Inquisitor – Met once by the players. Very secretive.

Inquisitor Mason - Also known as the executioner. Member of the ordo Malleus. Hunts down both currupted inquisitors and those who impersonate member of the inquisition


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